Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Update

We've been really busy but just wanted to give a quick update. Great news-the babies have been transferred to the hospital that is literally right around the corner from our house, less than 2 minutes away. It is a level II nursery where they will stay until they come home. They are now considered feeder growers so they only need to learn how to take their feedings by bottle to be able to come home. They are all in open cribs now. Mattea's bradys (heart rate dips) have slowed way down, so much that she only had 4 in the past 24 hours. No issues with anyone and I get to see them much more now-yahoo!


  1. What great news! I hope you'll be bringing your precious babies home soon!

    mander1383 from MM board

  2. How great! So glad to hear they are close to coming home and are closer to home!