Monday, August 10, 2009


Okay, so there was a chance I'd be delivered toady but it's probably not going to happen. I saw my high risk doc this morning and my blood pressure was fine and my cervix has lengthened-go figure. This is always the case when I think I know what's going to happen. I've learned with this pregnancy not to plan ahead, to take it day to day. One concerning thing from my visit was the constant headache I've had. The doc was concerned so her sent me over here to the hospital for a neurology consult. He was worried about the prospects of increased intracranial pressure among other strange things that can happen. So he figured why not add another PIH eval. And so here we are...
My labs were drawn. Once again, my platelets are droppingm my uric acid is rising and so is my creatinine,but my liver enzymes remain fine. It's all so strange. I saw a Neuro med student and am waiting on the resident to further assess me but in the meantime they want to admit me for a 24 hour urine and to monitor the labile blood pressure. I may be here until I deliver or I may not. I may deliver tommorow, I may deliver 3 weeks from now. It is all just a huge roller coaster which by the way has been completely exhausting. And to think I"ve been one of the lucky ones who has not had to be admitted this pregnancy so I don't know why I'm complaining. So, if anything more exciting should happen I shall make it known.


  1. Wow. I am sorry. I hope they can figure out whats going on and that the lab tests come back ok... good luck!

  2. Good luck!! Keep us updated!