Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monday or Tuesday??

So, today was the second day I was told I might be delivered. My BP was up again. Sooooooo, over to the hospital I trekked again to have labs drawn. Of ocurse when I got there my BP was pretty stable. My labs continue to be acceptable but they are creeping into the not acceptable area. I got my walking papers and once again stepped off the scary rollercoaster I've been riding since last week. I have had such a healhty pregnancy that I never expected to have blood pressure issues but 1 out of 3 carriers of multiples has bP issues so I shouldn't take it personally.

So tonight I'm just trying to calm my nerves with a little bit of Bejeweled and I get a call from my OB. She was checking up on me because I was at the high risk docs today and didn't see her. She told me in her words,"I think we'll be delivering these babies on Monday or Tuesday." Now, I never know what to make of these statements. Will I go Monday and everything will be miraculously perfect and I'll be on my merry way home? Maybe, but she did say that if I check out okay she may just admit me into the hospital for further observation and keep me there until my labs go yucky enough to be delivered. I've never felt such conflicting feelings. I am petrified of having 3 preemies, of not knowing how well they'll do, I'm glad I've had the steroids to help develop their lungs, I'm exicited to meet them yet overwhelmed at doing so so soon. I just don't know what to think. I don't see how it could be humanly possible to get even a wink of sleep from now until Monday.

In addition to the crazy day I had, I recieved an amazing text message right before the nurse told me I would need to go over to the hospital. Some of you who know me well know that I do pediatric home care and have been caring for the same young girl for a little over a year now. She has mitochondrial disease and has been waiting on organs for a multi-visceral transplant that would includes liver, stomach, intestines and pancrea. These transplants are rarely done. Anyway, the text was tolet me know the organs came through and the surgery is currently underway. Talk about so many things being thrown at me at once. Oh my lord, what a frickin' day.....

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  1. Oh my! How scary!!! Is there any way you could talk them into putting you into the hospital on bed rest with mag??? I would be scared too... actually just reading this stresses me out! I am sorry that you are having to deal with this. I know how scary it is. By now there should not be any major issues, they will likely just be feeders and growers. Average time in the NICU is only 12 days at this point, which is not long at all... I know that absolutely does not make you feel any better though.

    That is amazing about the little girl getting the transplant! I hope everything goes well with her surgery and recovery!

    Keep us updated! I will be praying for you... try to relax and take it easy and keep that bp at bay! Good luck.