Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31.3 Weeks

Yesterday was a fun filled day of appointments. First we saw my OB. I found out that I had lost a pound, had protein in my urine and my blood pressure was elevated. Now, my blood pressure has flipped flopped the last few visits so I wasn't entirely suprised. Some days it's high and other days it's low but I hadn't had protien in my urine yet and with the headaches I've been getting, I was a little nervous. The doc sent me off with a lab slip and told me that if my liver enzymes were elevated that I would have likely been delivered today. It scares me how things can move so quick. I certainly wasn't ready for that.

Then it was off to my high risk doc, where my bp was still elevated. He wasn't overly concerned but wants to see me back on Thursday just to keep a closer eye on it. He said that "delivery is closing in, something is going to get me and I may as well pick my poison." I don't want it to be pre-eclampsia. There was also a little protein in my urine there. The babies look great. They did not measure them this week but they are all squirming around in there and one of them, I believe Baby A is engaged in my pelvis which is probably why I have been feeling so much pain when I walk. My cervix looks great and has not shortened at all since last week and remains closed-woohoo!

I didn't get my lab results back until after 6 which totally had me on edge, waiting, wondering if I would be meeting my babies today. The labs were considered acceptable or within normal limits to my doctor so they will just continue to watch me. However, the labs were a little screwy and the doc thinks maybe I'm dehydrated. I don't see how that is possible because I literally drink about 150oz water a day. I believe that my labs are showing the beginings of PIH. BUT, I am not the doctor so I will have faith in their interpretations and let them guide the way. Of course I am not ready to meet these babies and I'll lay here in bed and drown myself out before I let something like dehydration take me out. I can't really control my bp so if that is my poison then so it shall be.


  1. Have a mentioned how great you look? By 27 weeks I was covered in stretch marks!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Seriously, you look wonderful!!! I'm scared to put my pics up because I might frighten people! Your belly is small and perfectly round. And my crazy belly button was poking out but by later, my skin stretched so much you couldn't even tell!

  3. I am sorry to hear you are having BP issues. I had pre-e with my first and it was horrible. I have been scared that with this pregnancy, because you have a higher chance with multiples, that I would get it again but so far it hasnt happened (*knock on wood*) but I am starting to show signs of it. Hopefully you can make it a couple more weeks at the least. Your babies are already 4lbs so that is great for triplets too! Hang in there, you are doing great!