Monday, July 27, 2009

Good news and not so good news...

We had an appointment scheduled for Friday but we just couldn't wait that long to see the babies so I snuck in today. I'm glad I did. As you may remember from my last post, the nurse didn't check my cervix last week. She said it had been fine all along and wasn't really necessary. Well, today we found out it shortened. It went from 3 to 2. Although it comes with the territory it was still disappointing, considering I am already on bedrest so there is not much more I can do to keep it long. I also haven't been feeling any contractions lately that might have shortened it so that makes me nervous. It could stay intact for 4 weeks or shrivel up by tommorow-there really is no telling, SO, the doc. sent us on our way to the hospital to receive the first dose of Betamethasone. This is a steroid that will hasten the babies lung development should they be born within the next 3-4 weeks. We will have the second and final shot tommorow and pray that they hold off for at least 4 weeks. We asked if we could get the first shot tommorow and the doc said he wanted it done today. That made me nervous. It could mean something, it could mean nothing. We also had a little scare with the fluid levels. The babies have gotten bigger, making it hard to find the membrane that seperates their sac. The nurse couldn't find it but the doc could and reassured us that the levels are okay. The babies were also very lame today. The nurse had to use a buzzer that vibrates to get them moving. It was definately the most nerve wrecking appointment yet.

On a positive front, the babies are all growing better than we expected. Frankie is estimated to be 3.10, David 3.15 and Mattea 3.10. We were hoping for over 3 pounds so we were very excited about that. We can only hope that these estimates are accurate. David and Frankie remain vertex and Mattea is breech and in the middle, thus giving her free range to kick her brothers in the head. So, every day is a blessing from God at this point, another day for our babies to grow.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

30 Weeks-Yay!

Today I have reached my 30 week mark. I am so happy to have made it this far and that my babies are getting the opportunity to continue growing, practice breathing and build up their brown fat. Sounds so rudimentary but these things are all so important when they are in the outside world.

There is not much news which I guess is good news. I had 2 appointments this week. At the first one I got to see Mattea yawn and stretch and David practice breathing. My bp was a little high that day but seemed to go down by my next appointment. My second appointment was rather boring as they did not do a growth scan. The doctor was on vacation and the nurse said I didn't need it (funny because it has been done every 2 weeks since I was 20 weeks-slacker???). That was disappointing because I was really hoping to see that they were all over 3 pounds by now. In any case they were all there with heartbeats accounted for and they are still in the same position as they have been for weeks now. I will find out how big they are this coming Friday. Now is the time when I need to keep the hospital bag in the trunk when I go to my appointments as the doc said anything can change in a moment's notice.

Aside from being so happy to have grown them this long I am definately getting more and more uncomfortable. My hands are starting tio swell. My XL maternity clothes are getting too small. I am suprised by that because I've seen larger pregnant woman. I'm not sure what they wear. I don't have a clue what I will be wearing soon. Again, another milestone reached and we are so thankful. Enjoy the pics of my lump!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the home stretch....

I am certainly in the home stretch now. Today I am 28.3 weeks. I had an appointment yesterday that went well. I hadn't been feeling the babies move all that much lately and come to find out the culprit was just the anterior placentas again. It can be pretty nerve wrenching at times. My cervix is starting to shorten but is still acceptable at 3-3.2cm and pretty much expected at this point. I think, if I am not misunderstood, that the doc said if it hits 2.5 or below that I would reside in the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy. My BP was great which was good to hear because I have been waking up with swollen hands that hurt.

I saw the babies, who all looked fabulous. The nurse said that little Frankie was a wild man and that he was kicking his siblings non-stop. Poor little fellas. Mattea was flashing her business all around. They were all so cute-I can't wait to meet them. And even though everything hurts right now and I am feeling like dog poop I am still hoping and praying to keep them baking at least another 4 weeks or more. And here is the proof that this belly is looming very large these days~

Sunday, July 12, 2009


If you are reading this specifically for any important updates then you can close it out now. If you feel like having the pleasure of jumping into my world for a short time then read on. You may get a laugh if not five minutes of something to do.

The hardest thing about being pregnant with Breahna was the lack of sleep I got in the third trimester. That is hands down the hardest thing I've had to deal with this time as well. Despite the bedrest, the anxiety, the lack of money, the feeling that my insides will fall out every time I stand up or that my vagina is going to split in half or the horrendous case of teenage style acne I've developed. Not to mention the struggle to produce a clean catch urine sample each appointment without being able to see below my below and rendering myslef completely helpless. Not sleeping is the worst. During a typical night, I go to bed around 10:30. I flip over around 11:00, then decide I need to get up to pee. After peeing I go to the kitchen and chug a little pink lemonade then bcak to bed. Same process repeated about 6 times each night. I can't lay on my back nor my stomach. My doctor doesn't want me sleeping directly on my hips because they will be sore (they already are). And so are my shoulders. So, I have been looking for the secret to levitaion if anyone has it. No magic wands or snapping fingers could possibly move this big belly.

So here I lay. It's 4am. My husband is snoring away. Scipio is on the floor snoring away and the house is quiet. I can hear the neighbor's sprinkler sysytem. I think I hear Penelope meowing outside. She decided to spend the night there last night. I think I'm going insane. The babies aren't moving much this weekend, depsite all the cold water and pink lemonade I could muster without getting one of those freeze headaches. The doppler tells me they are fine but it seems like they always hunker down and stop moving around on the weekends. I'm not sure why.

I really wish I had a Lazy Boy. I guess that's how big mamas get sleep towards the end. But there's no rooom here for such a luxury. I would have to park it on my back porch. And then God forbid, I actually inhale freshly emitted O2 from the grass below. And sunshine, well good lord, I would probably have a reaction. I mean, I do get out once or twice a week for an appointment but it's usually raining. I've also been known to make a great escape to CVS once a week to peruse the aisle of acne washes. Who knew there were so many frickin' acne washes on the market? My pick this week was the Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub, It won't work. But it smells good.

I just wish I could sleep...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lots to be thankful for...

I certainly do have a lot to be thnakful for. I had another great appointment today. The doctor is thrilled that 1. I have not had any hospital stays yet, 2. I have needed no steroids for the babies lungs yet, 3. my cervix is holding strong, 4. my bp is good and finally, 5. the babies are growing beautifully. I was hoping for two and a half pounds each today and almost got exactly that with the exception of one ounce. However, one baby made up for this short coming. Frankie was 2.7. Mattea was 2.8 and David came in at a whopping 2.12. These are great weights and I am thrilled that they seem to be growing so well.
I have been very uncomfortable the past week. The doc says most carriers of triplets hit a wall around 28 weeks and I've done that. I don't sleep at night and can barely keep my eyes open during the day. Little things wear me down fast. Both boys have flipped over and are head down which I suspected with all the pressure and pain I have been having. The little lady is still lying sideways on top of the boys and has her little legs in a pike position. I am once again thankful to have made it another week and that they are doing so well.
David is back to work-thank God. It is a blessing and a curse because he has been taking such good care of me and the household. My mother in law has been making us some really yummy dinners and my father in law seems to be on the mend froom his back surgery. My sister in law and brother in law came for a visit last weekend and we got to spend some time with them. I may even get a visit from a dear friend from VT tommorow. So, all is well and I have so much to be thankful for.

Monday, July 6, 2009

27.1 Weeks Pic

No new news but just wanted to post a pic of my 27.1 week belly. It is growing very large very fast. It's like a whole new addition placed on my body. Please feel free to dismiss the grease spots on my boob. Breahna left a tube of lipstick in the wash and my clothes got the brunt of it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

27 Weeks

Well, today I reach 27 weeks. Even though it's not a huge milestone it is one week away from a huge milestone. At 28 weeks, the babies viablity goes up and the rsiks of complications goes down although it is still a concern of course. My cervix was holding strong this past week at 3.4 which is down from what it was before but that is to be expected. The babies weren't measured but will be this coming Tuesday. I'm hoping they are all around 2 1/2 pounds. That is on the higher end of what is expected but why not shoot higher.
Last weekend I made a great escape to my friend Wendys. I lounged in the sun and floated in the pool. It was nice to get out for the day but I paid the price when I got home as my whole body hurt. I'm just not used to doing anything besides laying in bed anymore. Today is the fourth of July. Breahna is gone to the beach and David is at the park with the dogs. Laying in bed is getting old but on the up and up the children have descended from under my left rib cage and I'm feeling a lot of relief from that.