Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the home stretch....

I am certainly in the home stretch now. Today I am 28.3 weeks. I had an appointment yesterday that went well. I hadn't been feeling the babies move all that much lately and come to find out the culprit was just the anterior placentas again. It can be pretty nerve wrenching at times. My cervix is starting to shorten but is still acceptable at 3-3.2cm and pretty much expected at this point. I think, if I am not misunderstood, that the doc said if it hits 2.5 or below that I would reside in the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy. My BP was great which was good to hear because I have been waking up with swollen hands that hurt.

I saw the babies, who all looked fabulous. The nurse said that little Frankie was a wild man and that he was kicking his siblings non-stop. Poor little fellas. Mattea was flashing her business all around. They were all so cute-I can't wait to meet them. And even though everything hurts right now and I am feeling like dog poop I am still hoping and praying to keep them baking at least another 4 weeks or more. And here is the proof that this belly is looming very large these days~


  1. You look and are doing fabulous!!

  2. Hey, what is your e-mail address again? I had it at work and then was laid off. E-mail me at iluvmynahla@yahoo.com so I can keep in touch with you.