Sunday, July 12, 2009


If you are reading this specifically for any important updates then you can close it out now. If you feel like having the pleasure of jumping into my world for a short time then read on. You may get a laugh if not five minutes of something to do.

The hardest thing about being pregnant with Breahna was the lack of sleep I got in the third trimester. That is hands down the hardest thing I've had to deal with this time as well. Despite the bedrest, the anxiety, the lack of money, the feeling that my insides will fall out every time I stand up or that my vagina is going to split in half or the horrendous case of teenage style acne I've developed. Not to mention the struggle to produce a clean catch urine sample each appointment without being able to see below my below and rendering myslef completely helpless. Not sleeping is the worst. During a typical night, I go to bed around 10:30. I flip over around 11:00, then decide I need to get up to pee. After peeing I go to the kitchen and chug a little pink lemonade then bcak to bed. Same process repeated about 6 times each night. I can't lay on my back nor my stomach. My doctor doesn't want me sleeping directly on my hips because they will be sore (they already are). And so are my shoulders. So, I have been looking for the secret to levitaion if anyone has it. No magic wands or snapping fingers could possibly move this big belly.

So here I lay. It's 4am. My husband is snoring away. Scipio is on the floor snoring away and the house is quiet. I can hear the neighbor's sprinkler sysytem. I think I hear Penelope meowing outside. She decided to spend the night there last night. I think I'm going insane. The babies aren't moving much this weekend, depsite all the cold water and pink lemonade I could muster without getting one of those freeze headaches. The doppler tells me they are fine but it seems like they always hunker down and stop moving around on the weekends. I'm not sure why.

I really wish I had a Lazy Boy. I guess that's how big mamas get sleep towards the end. But there's no rooom here for such a luxury. I would have to park it on my back porch. And then God forbid, I actually inhale freshly emitted O2 from the grass below. And sunshine, well good lord, I would probably have a reaction. I mean, I do get out once or twice a week for an appointment but it's usually raining. I've also been known to make a great escape to CVS once a week to peruse the aisle of acne washes. Who knew there were so many frickin' acne washes on the market? My pick this week was the Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub, It won't work. But it smells good.

I just wish I could sleep...

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  1. Oh Marcie, you poor soul. I feel so guilty for laughing my head off from your post but no doubt it's all very real and hard for you. Thanks for the chuckle anyway! You've made my day. Thinking of you all the time and those precious babies. We've all waited such a long time for this. You're so clever!!! xxx