Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not falling apart yet...

Well, I had 2 appointments today. I guess I should give in and change my dates to be those my OB has for me. I have been dating myself by the date of my egg retrieval but I guess the OB goes by the first day of the last period, which they don't have right anyway, but what is a couple of days. So, I will declare myself 21.3 weeks today. My pressure was a little up today but they are not worried, they will watch it. It was 130/80 which is up for me so we'll see. My cervix remains long at 3.69 which they are impressed with. My OB is pretty impressed with my compact carrying belly and says my belly looks like that of a 21 weeker with one baby. Maybe she's humoring me-I feel like it's large. My cankles are much better since stopping work. And the babies are growing well. I was a little concerned about the weight differences but the doc says not to worry. The girl is right on target and the boys are ahead. In addition, as I have said before, these ultrasounds measurements can't be relied on too heavily.
Anyhoo, They are measuring as follow: Mattea 15oz (transverse), David 1.1oz (vertex) and Frankie 1.5oz (vertex). The doc is very happy with these weights so we shall be too. My OB said she would be happy if I made it to 32 weeks. That seems so soon to me. I have bigger goals and am praying that I will carry them longer as that is less time they have in the NICU. Nursery pictures to come soon...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Uneventful and Eventful

So, the babies have really started doing their acrobatics in there and my husband finally felt one little jab this morning for the first time. I was getting frustrated that I could feel so much movement and he couldn't but I suspect all of that will be changing dramatically from now on. After all, they are probably at least a pound by now. I will find out tommorow. Besides them moving around a lot, there is not much news to report (besides a minor slip).

Last night I slipped on some dog slobber in the kitchen and completely wiped out. It all happened so fast that I could barely remember how I landed. It all came back to me when my rib cage started aching last night and the pain made me so nauseated that I barfed everywhere, all over the walls, the floor in the bathroom, you name it. It was really pleasant. Of course by now I'm half incontinent, especially if any pelvic pressure presents itself. So yes, it was an amazing experience. However, I am thankful to add that I had no abdominal pain, contractions or spotting so all is good with the babies. When I called the doc, the very first question she asked was my blood type so they could make sure they had coverage in case I tanked. Sweet. I'm fine.

Not working pretty much rots. It's uneventful to say the least, lonely and boring. Although we are making progress on switching bedrooms around and trying to declutter. Breahna has her new bedroom set which will hopefully make up for the loss of space she has to deal with. we have our cribs and all that jazz to put together as soon as the room is painted-woohoo! I will post pics as soon as there is more progress.

Last but not least, here are some belly shots of me at 21.5 weeks. Enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Over the moon.....

Yes, I am so over the moon today. We got to see the little bumpkins today. The scan was done by a med student who was very impressive, pointing out the ventricular outflow tracks and the hepatic vein and all that really cool jazz. We saw all of their little lips so no cleft lips. Their little hearts look perfect. Even their little feet looked perfect with all toes accounted for. It amazes me that we could be so lucky. The fact they are all so intact is a miracle to me. The best part about the visit is learning they all weigh 14oz. This is great news because it shows that they are sharing everything nicely like little ones should and because they are ahead of the game. The average weight at this gestation is about 10.6 ounces. Now we do realize that ultrasounds have been known to be less than precise with these measurements but never the less, we are thrilled. Plus, my cervix is measuring a little over 4 which is better than the last visit and great for someone who is carrying triplets. God is taking good care of us.

All of the cribs, the mattresses, the dresser and the changing table are ready to be picked up. We have all of the crib bedding we picked out and loved. We are just working on getting Breahna's room ready so we can get her out to scour and paint the nursery. Things are moving right along. I feel so lucky, thankful and completely blessed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Changes, Changes

Well, as most of you who know me well know, these past weeks have been those of change. I am officially on medical leave from the hospital. The thought of our family chugging along on one income is a scary one but even scarier is the thought of us chugging along on none ( or fun-enjoyment), which is where we are. My husband was laid off 2 weeks ago, hoping to be back to work within a few days but remains with no work. While this has been a daunting couple of weeks we have made real progress as far as getting Breahna's new room ready for her to move in and ordering our nursery furniture and planning, planning, planning. I guess I should be pulling my hair out right about now, or yesterday, but so far I remain calm and confident that things will work out-as they always do. My soul is at peace knowing that I am blessed with this amazing opportunity and that so far I could not have asked for a healthier pregnancy.

I am 20.1 weeks today. I continue to grow out and not sideways. I have so far only gained 4 pounds this pregnancy after the 11 I lost in the first trimester, which amazes me when I look at the size of my belly. I'm not worried about the small gain yet as everything seems to be progressing as it should as far as the babies growth. I will find out more tommorow at my appointment. This seems to be the time when things can start going downhill, cervical changes, premature contracting, etc. I am trying to take it easy, hence my leaving work to avoid these misfortunes. I have been feeling small random movements but nothing to brag about. My wish is to be granted a full night's sleep as I have been so uncomfortable in bed. I'm trying to implement the whole pillows everywhere technique but am finding it hard to escape the fort to make it to the bathroom the 3-4 times I have to go every night. Somehow I can't imagine continuing to grow at this rate for another 3, let alone 4 months. Alas, that is the goal and I will do whatever it takes to reach it. Here are some pictures of me today. Someday during this pregnancy maybe I will put something cute on and try to take some half decent pictures. Someday...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some New Belly Shots....

Here are some new belly shots of me at 18.3 weeks. Enjoy...

No Wonder I Can't Sleep...

If being pregnant with one baby is an excuse for lack of sleep, then being pregnant with three is an excuse for full blown insomnia. The mind never stops. It swirls with calculations, questions,, planning, and so many what ifs.

We had our anatomy scan yesterday. David hasn't seen the babies since they were just 3 black holes on the screen, otherwise known as sacs. He was amazed and excited of course, especially after seeing his son's packages. We got quite the scare when the nurse/ultrasound tech. thought she actually saw 3 boys and no girl. Of course we would be overjoyed with whatever we get. They were all just spinning around and doing zumba in there so she couldn't catch anything. The girl had her legs spread right underneath my belly button which made her hard to scan.

Alas, there are 2 boys and 1 girl. One girl weighs 8oz, one boy 8oz and the other boy 9oz. They have all the necessary parts to be compatible with life so far. Their hearts and palates couldn't quite be visualized for scrutiny yet but we hope for them to be my the next appointment in 2 weeks. I can't explain how amazing it is to me that there are 3 humans in there, all healthy so far. What are the chances? Sure, you see it all the time. I guess having seen the other side makes me skeptical. Being skeptical makes me feel more grounded, prepared for what lies ahead. I lay in be all night calculating how long it will take them to reach one pound, two pounds, three pounds, survival...

I feel so blessed, so lucky, so happy. I'm leaving work May 13. I'll be 20 weeks. While I am so sad to be leaving what I love doing so much, for what could turn into a long time, I am ready to begin this new chapter. My coworkers/friends threw me a surprise feast at work last weekend and gave me a beautiful Willow statue of a pregnant woman. I've wanted that statue for years now and looking at it on the shelf is a bold reminder of far I have come. Those girls are the best and I am going to miss them dearly. I am going to miss seeing new life come into the world. Not many people get to enjoy that miracle and I am one of the lucky ones.

Oh and BTW, I am measuring 24 weeks now. The belly is getting so big. I will post new pictures soon,