Monday, May 25, 2009

Uneventful and Eventful

So, the babies have really started doing their acrobatics in there and my husband finally felt one little jab this morning for the first time. I was getting frustrated that I could feel so much movement and he couldn't but I suspect all of that will be changing dramatically from now on. After all, they are probably at least a pound by now. I will find out tommorow. Besides them moving around a lot, there is not much news to report (besides a minor slip).

Last night I slipped on some dog slobber in the kitchen and completely wiped out. It all happened so fast that I could barely remember how I landed. It all came back to me when my rib cage started aching last night and the pain made me so nauseated that I barfed everywhere, all over the walls, the floor in the bathroom, you name it. It was really pleasant. Of course by now I'm half incontinent, especially if any pelvic pressure presents itself. So yes, it was an amazing experience. However, I am thankful to add that I had no abdominal pain, contractions or spotting so all is good with the babies. When I called the doc, the very first question she asked was my blood type so they could make sure they had coverage in case I tanked. Sweet. I'm fine.

Not working pretty much rots. It's uneventful to say the least, lonely and boring. Although we are making progress on switching bedrooms around and trying to declutter. Breahna has her new bedroom set which will hopefully make up for the loss of space she has to deal with. we have our cribs and all that jazz to put together as soon as the room is painted-woohoo! I will post pics as soon as there is more progress.

Last but not least, here are some belly shots of me at 21.5 weeks. Enjoy!


  1. Working is overrated! :)
    Try to enjoy this peaceful time.....the relative calm before the storm.
    Cute pics.


  2. Hi Marcie, Ilove the works of art,I am sure the babies will love them. Love mom