Thursday, May 14, 2009

Changes, Changes

Well, as most of you who know me well know, these past weeks have been those of change. I am officially on medical leave from the hospital. The thought of our family chugging along on one income is a scary one but even scarier is the thought of us chugging along on none ( or fun-enjoyment), which is where we are. My husband was laid off 2 weeks ago, hoping to be back to work within a few days but remains with no work. While this has been a daunting couple of weeks we have made real progress as far as getting Breahna's new room ready for her to move in and ordering our nursery furniture and planning, planning, planning. I guess I should be pulling my hair out right about now, or yesterday, but so far I remain calm and confident that things will work out-as they always do. My soul is at peace knowing that I am blessed with this amazing opportunity and that so far I could not have asked for a healthier pregnancy.

I am 20.1 weeks today. I continue to grow out and not sideways. I have so far only gained 4 pounds this pregnancy after the 11 I lost in the first trimester, which amazes me when I look at the size of my belly. I'm not worried about the small gain yet as everything seems to be progressing as it should as far as the babies growth. I will find out more tommorow at my appointment. This seems to be the time when things can start going downhill, cervical changes, premature contracting, etc. I am trying to take it easy, hence my leaving work to avoid these misfortunes. I have been feeling small random movements but nothing to brag about. My wish is to be granted a full night's sleep as I have been so uncomfortable in bed. I'm trying to implement the whole pillows everywhere technique but am finding it hard to escape the fort to make it to the bathroom the 3-4 times I have to go every night. Somehow I can't imagine continuing to grow at this rate for another 3, let alone 4 months. Alas, that is the goal and I will do whatever it takes to reach it. Here are some pictures of me today. Someday during this pregnancy maybe I will put something cute on and try to take some half decent pictures. Someday...

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