Friday, May 15, 2009

Over the moon.....

Yes, I am so over the moon today. We got to see the little bumpkins today. The scan was done by a med student who was very impressive, pointing out the ventricular outflow tracks and the hepatic vein and all that really cool jazz. We saw all of their little lips so no cleft lips. Their little hearts look perfect. Even their little feet looked perfect with all toes accounted for. It amazes me that we could be so lucky. The fact they are all so intact is a miracle to me. The best part about the visit is learning they all weigh 14oz. This is great news because it shows that they are sharing everything nicely like little ones should and because they are ahead of the game. The average weight at this gestation is about 10.6 ounces. Now we do realize that ultrasounds have been known to be less than precise with these measurements but never the less, we are thrilled. Plus, my cervix is measuring a little over 4 which is better than the last visit and great for someone who is carrying triplets. God is taking good care of us.

All of the cribs, the mattresses, the dresser and the changing table are ready to be picked up. We have all of the crib bedding we picked out and loved. We are just working on getting Breahna's room ready so we can get her out to scour and paint the nursery. Things are moving right along. I feel so lucky, thankful and completely blessed.

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