Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lots to be thankful for...

I certainly do have a lot to be thnakful for. I had another great appointment today. The doctor is thrilled that 1. I have not had any hospital stays yet, 2. I have needed no steroids for the babies lungs yet, 3. my cervix is holding strong, 4. my bp is good and finally, 5. the babies are growing beautifully. I was hoping for two and a half pounds each today and almost got exactly that with the exception of one ounce. However, one baby made up for this short coming. Frankie was 2.7. Mattea was 2.8 and David came in at a whopping 2.12. These are great weights and I am thrilled that they seem to be growing so well.
I have been very uncomfortable the past week. The doc says most carriers of triplets hit a wall around 28 weeks and I've done that. I don't sleep at night and can barely keep my eyes open during the day. Little things wear me down fast. Both boys have flipped over and are head down which I suspected with all the pressure and pain I have been having. The little lady is still lying sideways on top of the boys and has her little legs in a pike position. I am once again thankful to have made it another week and that they are doing so well.
David is back to work-thank God. It is a blessing and a curse because he has been taking such good care of me and the household. My mother in law has been making us some really yummy dinners and my father in law seems to be on the mend froom his back surgery. My sister in law and brother in law came for a visit last weekend and we got to spend some time with them. I may even get a visit from a dear friend from VT tommorow. So, all is well and I have so much to be thankful for.


  1. Good for you, Marcie. You have a great positive attitude. Glad to hear that all is well.


  2. Saw your link to my blog, so I wanted to check yours out! Sounds like you are doing great...hang in there!