Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Precious Love Bugs Are Here

They are finally here and boy, what an emotional ride this last week has been.

Yesterday morning we were told that I needed to be delivered because once again my platelets were low, below 100 this time. We were excited, scared and a whole host of emotions I couldn't begin to explain. So we get up to the other floor, I get 2 I.V.'s, one in each arm just to be safe, a liter of fluids, some of those hot netted panites and all that jazz. We are pretty much crapping our pants at the thought of it being over and how things would go and ya know, basically everything. Two hours later they come in and tell us we are getting bumped because we have a mother of twins in labor. They estimated an hour. An hour later the doc comes in to tell us we are not delivering because the redraw on my platelets came up and the NICU is full because they just got unexpected twins and if we had our babies they would have to be transferred out to Children's Hospital. We were like what the living hell at that point, just emotionally drained beyond comprehension.

This morning same story except each time the platelets (first draw) are getting lower, Once again they tell us I need to be delivered. I could not believe it, would not. I wouldn't believe it until the needle was in my back.

Low and behold at 12:23, 12:24 and 12:25 we finally met our beautiful angels. Each one came out crying. David was so eXcited to see everything happening. He was able to take some great photos and even watched them finish my surgery, amazed at how big my uterus was. He was so strong.

So, Mattea weighed in at 4.1 and a whopping 19 inches. I don't have the paper in front of me with sll of the details but Frankie weighed 4.5 and David weighed 5.6, These are GREAT weights for this gestation. They are obviously all in the NICU and will be for several weeks or longer. Mattea is breathing room air so needs no oxygen and is doing great. She is the smallest and doing great, not suprise there. Both boys had some trouble with breathing and were placedon CPAP (continuos positive airway pressure). They both had x rays which showed fluid on their lungs. They both have Respiratory Distress Syndrome but David has it a little worse so they had to intubate him and put him on a ventilator as well as give him some medicine to help his lungs out.

I am going to try and post some pictures. I am super tired. It took me about an hour to type this because I am on a Dilaudid PCA and extremely tired so we'll see if it works. We love them so much and feel so blessed....


  1. You ARE blessed. Mattea will probably come home first if your hospital doesnt restrict her to being 5 lbs. Kadyn was born on room air, no issues and spent only 6 days in the NICU. The other two were on CPAP as well but did not have the respiratory issues.

    I am so SO happy for you and will be checking for updates.

    Try to rest and recover. The c-section recovery is not fun.

  2. WOW! I have been checking this every few hours for an update! Congratulations times 3!!! Hope the boys get stronger and can come of the CPAP and vent! Yay for a strong little girl! You are truly blessed!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I missed this whole post! All of a sudden I see pics! Congrats, those are some GREAT weights!

  4. Wow, what wonderful weights for triplets! My twins were born at almost 37 weeks and were under 4 lbs!!