Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 1 Week Birthday Babies...

Today our babies turn one week old. What amazing progress they've made this past week. They have impressed us beyond belief. We know that they will be coming home before we know it. We've been there every day to visit, feed them and hold them.

Despite ordering everything on the menu (Vent, CPAP, Survanta, Indocin), David is thriving. We found out his PDA was gone on Thursday with his repeat ultrasound on his heart. This was a huge relief. Because of this, he got to start his feeds that night through his feeding tube in his nose. He loves sucking, loves food, and loves to be cuddled. I also found out he is great at breastfeeding yesterday. It is an incredible feeling to be able to see his face, to watch his expressions and to let him see us with nothing in the way. His favorite way to hang out is on his belly. He wants what he wants when he wants it and doesn't like to mess around. He ripped his I.V. out Saturday morning and hasn't needed it since. I think he may be the most demanding but I also think he'll be a total mommy's boy. I secretly hope they both will be. He is totally snugalicous!

Frankie is doing amazing as well. He has been continuing with his tube feedings and has tried breastfeeding a few times with no success. He is just so laid back and he gets around there and looks around, plays around and ends up staring up at me. He melts my heart. I think he will be our little contemplater. Her always looks like he is in deep thought. He has no I.V. as of Friday night and no bilirubin lights. When I arrived today he was sporting his All Star onesie. It was so cool to see him in clothes. He barely fit in his preemie shirt. We have a lot of preemie clothes but oh well, I find it a blessing that he is as big as he is and I'm sure I will find someone who will need the preemie clothes. He loves being held and looking up at me, trying so hard to focus but his little eyes cross.

Mattea is a rock star as usual. Her one simple downfall are her bradycardias. She has frequent dips in her heart rate. Even though this is scary it is normal for her gestation. She also has no I.V.. She's still under the bili lights and will have her bili drawn today to find out if she can come out yet. She is a champion bottle feeder and breastfeeds great for small amount of time. She is absolutely gorgeous! She is so curious when she's out of her isolette. She follows voices and looks towards the window. When she is in her isolette she sometimes crosses her legs or puts one up in the air and just leaves it there. She is so funny.

We love these babies so much it is unreal. We can't wait for them to come home so our snuggling won''t be as limited. We know it'll be crazy but we are ready, as we have been for so very long now. We are so thnkful to God everyday for blessing them with such good health, good weight and such beautiful qualities. We just want to give them the world.

Speaking of giving them things. We sometimes feel pretty helpless with them there and us here, not being able to do anything for them. We know the one thing we can give them or I can give them and David can help me is breastmilk. It is an incredible nutrient and so much better for their little guts and brains when they are premature. I totally disagree with the whole "don't cry over spilled milk" theory. Next time your babies are in the NICU and it's 2 in the morning, you're cross eyed and recovering from major surgery, you're pumping with one eye open, you let the pump slip for just a second and you feel a mass of warm liquid run down your side, then tell me that. That is definately worth crying over.

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  1. That is awesome news about David's PDA closing! Now if you can get him to quit ordering everything off that menu ;) So glad Frankie and Mattea are doing well! It wont be too much longer and they will be ready to get out of the hospital!

    You are absolutely right about the breastmilk thing. That is the best thing that you can give all 3 of them right now... you are braver than me though! I would cry (and scream and get mad) over spilt milk too!

    Many prayers for your trio! It wont be much longer and they will be out of there, snuggling you up at home!