Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's All About Finding a Balance

Yes, that is what is going on. I am here in the hospital and I am still having these horrid headaches. They are giving me Fioricet which helps but only for a short period of time. My MRI came out clear which is obviously great news. They have decided to fore go the lumbar puncture because they think the headaches are related to the pregnancy or just plain old migraines. Although it's not common to get migraines every day. So that's that for that aspect.

The next is my labs. So, they thought I may be developing HELLP or Preeclampsia. both conditions associated with pregnancy that are quite serious and can be slow developing or very fast developing. However, with these conditions, the blood pressure is usually elevated and mine hasn't been sinve I have been here. What is happening is that my uric acid is rising by the day and my platelets are decreasing each day. Uric acid is an indication of kidney function and platelets control the ability of your blood to clot. They're not as worried about the uric acid as they are about the platelets. If the platelets continue to drop it increases the chance that I will have to have general anesthesia during my c-section, otherwise risks complications from an epidural ,one being permanent paralysis. If this is the case then I essentially won't be present for the birth of my babies and David will also not be as he won't bealoowed in the O.R.. This is heart wrenching for us as we have waited so long for that moment,not to mention the recovery for me would be harder.

In addition to us not being able to be present for the delivery, general anesthesia can pose complications to a full term infant, not to mention three with immature lung. One aspect we have in our favor is that I have received the round of steroids to help hasten the devleopment of our little lovies lungs. So, now we weigh the options. Do we wait to give the babies more time in the womb to mature, knowing that my platelets may continue to drop and general may be required or do we take them out sooner?

I will have more labs drawn this morning and see the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and once again, the minds will converge and decide at least what the short term goal is.


  1. I say have them delivered now. You are 33.3 today, right? That is less than a week earlier than I had my boys and they did well and are healthy boys now. I wouldn't want to miss the delivery. Keep me posted!!

  2. hope all goes well Marcie. I am sitting here on pins and needles for you and the babies.I w


    my thiughts and prayers are with you and the babies.