Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Fun Has Begun

Yesterday I made my first trip to the hospital's OB triage. I woke up feeling "not right." I was crampy, emotional, tired and just a little nauseated. I knew I was feeling something suspicious and wasn't sure if I should call the doc or not. I've come to learn that unlike a single pregnancy where you may want to relax before jumping the gun, you must take all strange feelings seriously when you have 3 in there because of how fast things can change. Sometimes it's too late to undo the damage or the halt the progress of labor in this kind of high risk pregnancy.
So we trucked in and I was hooked up to the Toco monitors and could immediately see the little mounds coming up on the screen (contractions). I was glad I went in even if they were irregular. They were happening randomly, some small and some bigger. My cervix was closed and the babies looked good so they decided to let me come home. I will find out Tuesday at my high risk appointment whether or not these contractions caused any shortening of my cervix-my worst fear, well one of them among many. The doc thinks they may have been caused by a UTI. I will find out tommorow whether or not my culture is positive. I have a feeling that this is the begining of a long summer wrought with many frightful events and worries, not to mention house and/or bed arrest. Whatever it takes to keep these muffins baking I will do.

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  1. Very scary. I'm glad you went in though. Better to be safe.