Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Strawberry Pancakes

My husband was sweet enough to go to the strawberry orchard yesterday and pick me some strawberries. Fresh picked strawberries are my all time favorite food in the whole world and I only have access to them for about 3 weeks a year. It's a darn shame I tell you. So, the highlight of my day was the strawberry pancakes David made me for dinner. They were delicious with a side of bacon. It seems pretty dull to be so exciting but I can't express how boring it is to be on bedrest, to not leave the house, not to be able to do a hair of anything productive (Except grow babies of course, which is highly productive). I've been lunging in this bed, growing zits, becoming more and more emotional over t.v. If any of you caught the Oprah show today then you had the opportunity to see the most heart wrenching videos I've ever seen in my life. I mean, I've even seen it before today on YouTube but today it struck an even more vulnerable cord. It was about a baby born with Trisomy 18 and the video diary his father made for him. I don't know the name of the baby nor the video but I would highly suggest that anyone who is planning on watching it to make sure they are alone and have at least an hour to bawl their brains out. It is one of those things that leaves you completely jarred afterward for hours upon hours. I took care of a baby with a similar genetic disorder not along ago in the hospital and her story left me feeling not only the fragility of life but the narrow passage between it and death.

Another show that I haven't been able to watch since being left here to fester is Baby Lab, a show about infertlity and couples on the verge of conception or falied cycles. AAagh, it seems so much harder to feel the pain of infertlity when I am outside looking in for once. It brings back the waiting, the wanting, the disappointments. I guess when you are in the midst of it, the determination to conquer it sort of squashes out the deep pain it is actually causing. Looking at these couples makes my heart ache. I'm not sure if being on bedrest is good for the psyche or if this is just normal hormones taking over. Or, this could just be me.

On a lighter note, Breahna read stories to her siblings tonight for the first time. She read The ABC book by Dr. Seuss and The Snowman (one of my faves). It was cute and we'll try to do that more often. She was super excited to be able to be involved like that. It was really neat. Anyway, she is begging me for the computer so she can type something for school so I shall post my 24.4 week belly pics and be on my way.

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  1. You look awesome. I bet you are not going to have a ravaged belly like me after you deliver!