Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Triplet Sandwich

Yes, we have a triplet sandwich. I haven't been feeling the little ones move too much lately and was quite bothered by this. I spent the weekend poking my stomach, shaking it, downing lemonade. Today at my appointment ultrasounds confirmed that each baby is lying transverse (across my belly) with their heads and feet in opposite direction. Since all the placentas are across the front of my stomach I'm not feeling their jabs. I saw them today though and they were very active.
They all have adequate fluid and are measuring a little over 26 weeks. Baby A (Frankie)measures 1.15, baby B (David) 2.1 and Baby C (Mattea)1.15. My cervix is measuring about 3.9 which is very good. My BP is good so everything is going wonderfully so far. I look like I should've given birth last week.

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