Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Officially on House/Bed Arrest

It was only a matter of time before the dreaded two word phrase would be spoken and today was the day. I have been ordered to bedrest until 28 weeks at least. If all goes well until then I may be able to enjoy some small freedoms.
However, the babies look great. They are measuring as follows: Mattea 1.10oz, David 1.9oz and Frankie 1.6oz. We've pretty much learned that they all will hit their growth spurts at different times and to try not to get too freaked out when one is measuring behind as Mattea was last week. Right now they are positioned so that all of their bums are facing eachother and they are all going different directions. They are in completely different places than they were at the last visit.
My cervix ix measuring 3.7 which is great. So even though all is well, the high risk doc is being very cautious at this point beacuse of the contractions I have been having. I will see him every week now as he does not want to miss a beat. These next 5 weeks are critical in terms of preventing preterm labor. Although 24 weeks is the "age of viability," babies born before 28 weeks can suffer catastrophic complications. It would be dumb to risk going into preterm labor just because I want to decorate the nursery or go out for ice cream. SO, I will be horizontal for as much as I possibly can. I will read, watch movies, read some more and probably go out of my mind. I'm so lucky to have a husband who is so supportive and willing to jump in and take over the household.


  1. That is for the best. I was on hospital bedrest at 25 weeks until 29.6 Just try to occupy yourself with whatever and time will go by quickly. Read up on stuff and get prepared. I wish I was more ready at the time.