Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 2 of Bedrest

Aaah day 2 of bedrest. My body is stiff already. It's amazing how much you take for granted everyday activities, like being able to make your own salad the way you want, watering your flowers and blasting the music while you tool around the house and tidy up. I've been eating a lot of ding dongs these past 2 days, drinking a lot of lemonade of course and it gets old real fast-ya know, the whole pigging out thing. I am feeling the effects of Vitamin D deprivation along with anyone else who lives in New England). By the time I emerge from my cave I should be a purplish shade of white-a lighter shade of paaaallleee.....

I've been brushing up on my internet shopping skills and was able to find what I believe are some pretty good deals on some odds and ends to complete the nursery. The last main thing we need is an area rug. I am certain I will find one I like with this time on my hands. It's fun to be able to participate from bed and if I am lucky I will take an excursion this weekend to put the bedding on and see how everything looks together. It will only take 10 minutes and I've been good.

My husband has been running around like a mad man between his father being on bedrest and myself, trying to get the nursery put together, taking care of the dogs, Breahna and all of the other household stuff that needs to be done everyday that nobody notices until it's not being done promptly. Now a turn of events has sent my poor father in law back to the hospital. However, I am thanking God my mother in law had the good judgement to call and inquire on something that wasn't right because he had a blood clot. That could have turned bad fast so again, thank God.

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