Friday, September 18, 2009

Everybody's Home

It's been quite a week. Mattea came home on Monday and now the trio is complete. We are so thrilled. It has been such a joy to take care of these babies. It's amazing to see them together, to snuggle with them and nibble on their little cheeks. I love giving them baths, feeding them, getting them dressed up and all that fun stuff that goes along with being a mommy.

They are all getting so big before our eyes. Mattea was 5.14 at her appt. and David was 6.11 at his so they are far from being preemies by size. Frankie is probably a little bigger than Mattea. David is growing fats-his cheeks are so chubby, perfect for kissing, the poor child must be so tired of me attacking them.

We are busy trying to get in the routine of having all this extra life around. Night time has been tiring but not that much worse than having one (in my opinion anyway). This is all new for David and he is uber exhausted.

I hope you enjoy the photos of Mattea. I figured we needed to catch up on photos of her. These are her first wardrobe photos. Frankie's picture shows how he likes to drink his milk and pass out and then there is the one of all three of them. Stay tuned for a video of Mattea and Frankie's billy goat behavior-you'll see what I mean.


  1. So good to see they are all home and doing so well. They are very precious.

  2. Wow! Super cute photos! So funny, I don't even remember mine being that tiny. My boys wore those same outfits in the first pic.

  3. These are adorable pictures!!! You have three adorable blessings on your hands!

  4. Your triplets are so precious and cute!! Congrationlations...and wishing you an incredible holiday season with your triplets this year! Feel free to check out my blog!