Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Kickin...

It has certainly been a very long time since I've updated this blog. Between our computer crashing and circumnavigating the world of triplets we have been quite tied up.

The babies are now 13 weeks old. Time has flown and although taking care of them has been really challenging I am sad to say they are getting bigger. I have been taking out their newborn size onesies and fretting over how little time they actually spent in them and how I will miss them being small so terribly. They are all wearing size 3 months now and Davey is wearing the occasional 6 month size. They are all developing their own individual personalities.
Frankie is the curious one. He is the only one who will actually lay under his jungle gym and be able to stay content for a good 20 minutes. He loves to look at the lights and reach up at the toys even though he can't quite reach them yet. He has started to coo and smile especially in the morning at his first daytime feeding. However that coo and smile can turn into a cowl in no time and the next thing you know he's screaming. Sounds like his mama. He has taken up scooting around in his crib. We put him at the very end on his belly with his head toward the middle of the crib and when we go to get him he is at the opposite end and always manages to have his head jammed into the corner. I think he'll be the next Michael Phelps for his mock like swimming abilities. He weighed 9.12 at his 2 month appointment.
Davey is most certainly the sensitive one. He is sensitive when it comes to sleeping, eating and playing. He has reflux and spits up alot even though he loves to eat. He can't get the bottle down fast enough. He doesn't sleep much. Just when his eyes start to close they open up as if he is afraid he is going to miss something. He always has one eye open at least half way. He sleeps pretty well at night but has a bad habit of taking a huge poop in the middle of his feeding. By the time dad changes him, he has spit up and is way too jazzed up to go back to sleep. He still loves to snuggle and sleep on mom or dads chest. He is so handsome and has the brightest blue eyes which we regretfully think will change to brown before we know it. He weighed 10.10 at his 2 month appointment.
Mattea has changed from the quiet one to the one to watch. She has turned out to be very feisty. I think this happened as a result of her always being in the background while we tended to the crying, screaming boys all of the time. Now she growls when you walk by her. She head butts us and digs into our skin when we are holding her. She does not want to be invisible and she is definitely not. She is still a peanut, weighing only 8.9 at her 2 month appointment. She eats okay but not nearly as much as her brothers. She is beautiful and I we are in total awe of her little features. She is amazing.
There is not a day that goes by that we don't look at these babies and thank the Heavens above. We continue to feel so very blessed. Despite the massive sleep deprivation we are loving every minute of this, the bathing, feeding, cuddling, loving, all of it. From the top is Mattea, Davey then Frankie.

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