Thursday, September 10, 2009

Missing Mattea

Well, the good news is that both of our boys are home with us. Frankie came home last Friday and David joined him this past Monday. So far, life with babies in the house has been such a blessing. Yes, it is very busy and tiring of course but no matter how tired I am I can't help but smile at how beautiful my little sons are. I love nibbling their cheeks and foreheads. They are doing well, eating, sleeping a lot during the day and a little at night, gaining weight, getting to know their new home.

Mattea on the other hand is still in the hospital. She is eating like a champ. She is so alert and doing so well. She was scheduled to come home Wednesday morning but we got a call from our favorite nurse Joyce telling us she had a spell (bradycardia-low heart rate dip) and will have to be there for at least another 5 days. Each time she has a spell she buys herself an additional 5 days there. This is heartbreaking. As much as I understand things could be much worse and that this is something she will grow out of, not having her here is really hard. She will be a month old on Sunday and the guilt of her still being in the hospital is starting to eat away at me. I always ask myself if we would be in this situation if I could have held out another week. It's hard. Luckily she gets a lot of visits from her grandma and grandpa and we try to get up there when we can. I can't wait until they are all here together, as exhausting as I know it will be. We have no pictures of her because when I am there I just want to spend time with her, not take pictures. BUT, she is as beautiful as anything I've ever seen and I will take some soon. Until then, here are some of the boys.


  1. Beautiful babies.....I would be nibbling and cuddling with them all day, too!

    Michelle VK

  2. I know this won't help, but try not to feel too sad about your little one still being in the hospital. All this will be like a distant dream in time. I had one left in the hospital longer than the other two, so I know how heart wrenching it is to leave and go home. Hang in there!

  3. I really thought Mattea would be the first one home because she seemed to be the strongest of all of them when they were born.

    I know its easier said than done, but do not beat yourself up about the what if's... those babies HAD to come when they did. I think that is something that we ALL do tho... SOON! Soon she will be home and you will feel complete.

    If you have help available, take it until you get used to caring for the babies by yourself. It will get better once you start figuring out things, its all just a big learning process. If you need to talk or whine or cry or vent or anything, give me a yell... I am right there in the new triplet exhaustion too... Coffee and Mt. Dew are my vices now and days ;) haha! But I am loving every minute of it! Take care hun.