Friday, April 23, 2010

8 Months...

We've made it to 8 months and we are still alive. I have little time to blog so this one won't be anything eloquent or well written.

I've spent the last few days mourning the babyhood of my precious children. They are closer to one year old then infancy and the thought of it breaks my heart. I want them to stay this way forever, minus teething and sleepless night. The great thing about this age is how fun they truly are. They are always laughing and smiling. They are starting to mock us, sticking their tongues out and shaking their heads back and forth. Mattea has decided finally, to pick up eating solids as a past time rather than seeing it as a form of torture. She still has no teeth so I am enjoying her gummy smile while I still can. They all say dadadadadada. They are sitting up almost on their own. Oh and teh most exciting new of all-Mattea is finally growing some hair. I think it will be curly as it is sort of wild, some sticking to her head and random long strands pointing out on the top of her head.


  1. I know what you mean girl. It seems like they were just tiny little newborns (both of ours!) And in 4 short months they will be one. I am SO ova the teething though...

    They are all adorable!

  2. Such beautiful babies! You are very BLESSED! Time flies, huh?