Saturday, February 27, 2010

Half a Year...

It's so hard to believe these precious babies have been with us for half a year now. While it is sad to see them growing so very fast, it is exciting to see them hit all of their milestones and develop their own personalities.

Davey is the charmer. He loves people. He smiles the most infectious smile all of the time and is a very happy baby. He loves to eat his solids, everything and anything. When he sees the food across the room he opens his mouth wide. He also bangs his chubby little hand on the high chair tray. He barely dribbles and is always the easiest baby to clean up after feedings. He has rolled over a couple of times but I think it's harder for him to get around because he's such a big boy. At his sixth month appointment he was 20 pounds and 27 inches, in the 87% percentile for a term baby. It's so hard to believe he was ever a preemie. He wears size 12-18 mo. clothes and size 3 diapers which he is starting to grow out of. He had his tongue tie released this last Wednesday. When he woke up from the anesthesia he was a bit hysterical. He then took a nap in the rocking chair with me and fell asleep and woke up like nothing ever happened. He's been fine since and has been practicing moves with his new found tongue. He is definitely the easiest baby to take care of right now, just wanting to be loved, eat and sleep which are all things we can give freely.

Frankie continues to be the thinker. He does laugh and smile but he spends a lot of time trying to figure out the world around him. You can tell he's paying attention to everything around him. When he does smile he smiles so hard it looks like he will explode. His eyes smile and it's such an endearing quality. He is always chewing on his hands and if he's not chewing on them he's holding them together and playing with them. He broke his first 2 bottom teeth this past Tuesday. He has been drooling heavily for months and his gums have been swollen. His dad discovered his teeth one day when he was being unusually cranky. He has rolled over from his tummy to his back a few times but manages to scoot around a lot in his crib.

Mattea has the strongest personalty for sure. She rolls over all of the time, form back to front and reverse. I think she'll be the first to crawl. She is very tactile. She reaches for objects and manipulates them. She gets mad when she can't reach something or she can't make it do what it's supposed to do. She puts everything in her mouth, her bib, he hands, her toys. She does not like eating her solids though. The doctor thinks she may have an oral aversion. When she sees the spoon coming she turns her head the other way and seals her lips shut. She barely naps at all and has been pulling quite a few all nighters. She doesn't want to miss anything. She loves sitting on the couch with her dad, propped up on pillows, watching t.v. She also does the most laughing and smiling.

It's been a hard but enjoyable 6 months. We'd like to keep them this age forever if we could, minus the teething but alas, we must watch them blossom. We can't wait until the weather is nice enough to take them outside for walks. Above are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. From the top are Frankie, Mattea then Davey then all three of the lovebugs.

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  1. Isnt it crazy that its already been 6 months!!! I can't believe "little" Davey is already so big!!! He is going to be a quarterback for sure! Yay for Frankie getting teeth. I can't wait till ours starts popping teeth thru so they will hopefully get a break with all this teething stuff (I thought Mati got a tooth a while back and apparently she did not! So we are still waiting!) Sorry that Mattea is not wanting to eat... that is the story of my life. I dont know about there but you may be able to call early intervention and get her enrolled in some speech therapy and see if they can work with her to get her eating. EI sucks here so we have contacted a private therapist to come out to work with Mati. They are so beautiful!!!