Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow, it has been a really neat couple of months since I've blogged. We found out we are having two sweet little boys and one sweet little girl to balance things out. We are so excited as this is the combination we dreamed of. All babies are doing well. As of last week at 16 weeks they were measuring a few days ahead and 5 ounces each. We couldn't ask for anything more in this world right now (except maybe to win the lottery).

My belly is growing by leaps and bounds every day. I have not yet reached my before pregnancy weight of 157 but it is rearing it's head as I have gained at least 3 pounds this week alone. I am certainly showing and I can't say how much I am enjoying it. It brings back so many familiar feelings of being pregnant so long ago. Being able to rest my hand on my belly and know something incredible is lies in there is just an unexplainable feeling. I never want this pregnancy to end. I know this is the last time I will ever be blessed with a pregnancy and I want to enjoy every minute of it. I haven't really felt much movement yet. Sometimes if I am lying in bed and all is quiet I will put my hands on my belly and wish movement. I think I have felt slight movement, sort of like they are doing log rolls in there. I can't wait to feel more and be able to share it with my husband who can only see and touch this grand belly for now and wonder what's going on in there. I'm able to pick up all 3 heartbeats with the doppler really easily now which is fun to share with David and Breahna. Breahna is startled by how big I am growing but very excited.

We are working on moving Breahna into the spare room and redoing it for her and preparing to fix her room into a nursery. I have been ambling over nursery bedding for weeks now and think I have found the perfect mix for a boy and a girl. We shall see if it works. I will post some pics when we actually get somewhere.

Next week is the fetal survey. I'm so excited because David will be joining me. It's been months since he has seen the babies. I hope everything goes well. I'm so nervous about the possibilities.

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  1. I'm very excited for you after reading all that you have been through! There are so many triplet moms who were a bit upset upon finding out and I am definitely not one of them. It sounds like you are so appreciative. Take many pics of that belly!